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Hani Najm
Born in 1986 , Tehran
B.A in Graphics
Permanent member of Iranian painters
Member of kids and adolescent books illustrators association
Member of visual arts development institute
Laureate of Iran's second contemporary drawing festival held at Imam Ali Museum in 2009
Laureate of Iran's third contemporary drawing festival at Imam Ali Museum in 2010
Winner of the first prize of the first national festival of The Young Iranian, drawing part, 2010, Saba Museum
chosen in Damoonfar visual arts festival, Mellat cinema Compound , drawing and painting
chosen in fifth Art of the Young festival, Saba Museum,2010, drawing part
chosen in the ninth Contemporary Drawing Festival, Atashzad Gallery,2009
one of the five chosen in the professional part, Best From The Disposable Festival, Artists΄ House, winter2012
Second prize, Shamse Festival with the city as the subject, drawing part, 2012
the first New Art national festival, Museum of contemporary art in Ahwaz
attending in many individual and group exhibitions
chosen in the festival drawing /persbookart
nominated in the short-list of magic of persia contemporary art prize 2013
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